Our Coffee

Award Winning Beans

We use only the very best coffee beans which are grown on small hillside farms from across the tropics. We use different varieties of Arabica coffee beans – such as Bourbon, Cattaui, Cattura and Typica – each with their own tasting notes.

That’s just a springboard to much greater flavour diversity though. The taste of a coffee varies remarkably depending on where it is grown and how the beans are prepared and then roasted.

Growing Conditions

A mix of local environmental factors impact flavour. The effects of altitude, soil chemistry, general climate and specific weather conditions during the growing season, all interact. All our Welsh Coffee is from higher altitudes for the best coffee beans.

Cooler night-time temperatures, represent a more challenging environment for the coffee plant. So higher-grown plants invest more nutrients in their beans. This imparts more pronounced flavours to the coffee.


A coffee bean is actually a fruit seed, which grows at the centre of a ‘coffee cherry.’ To produce the best coffee beans, the coffee cherries must be harvested when they are deep red in colour and perfectly ripe. For the quality coffee that we specialise in, this requires careful hand-picking. Each tree is revisited several times during the harvest season to pick cherries at their ripest.

Next, the fleshy outer part of the cherry is removed. Different ways to access the bean have developed in different places. Each contributes to the flavour profile of the final coffee.


Roasting finally realises the flavour potential of these carefully grown and processed, top grade roasting coffee beans.

When we receive them the coffee beans are green and hard with a slight grassy smell and little or no taste. We select a roast profile to match and complement the distinct character of the beans.